GNK Traffic Academy

About the Academy

This Academy, inaugurated in October 2016 in Kfarhazir, El Koura, close to the death path of Georges, is an educational facility dedicated to reducing road accidents and associated deaths and injuries by instilling ethics and rules of safe driving in Lebanese children and adolescents from an early age and cumulatively.


Instil ethics and rules of safe and ethical driving in Lebanese children and young adolescents by educating them about in-car and pedestrian safety measures.


GNK Traffic Academy adopts a curriculum that is integrated, interactive, E-learning and simulator-based
This curriculum ​has been certified by ISO in Education-IWA 2:2007 (International Workshop Agreement 2) and ISO in Road Safety Management System (ISO 39001:2012).

It is delivered in:

  • 4 educational steps: theoretical, interactive, practical and knowledge assessment.
  • 3 languages: Arabic, French and English.

Target Groups

  • ​Lebanese students aged 3-18 years.
  • ​Adults working in companies endorsing a safe road safety program for their employees.


Traffic Building

  • Accommodates 120 students.
  • Incorporates within it a conference room, a simulator room, a computer room, a library, headquarter offices, a reception area and utilities.

Traffic Garden

  • Represents a network of roads, roundabouts, traffic signs and lights, a pedestrian lane and accessories.