Why VOLUNTEER at GNK Foundation?

Do you want to be selfless and impact the lives of those around you regardless of gender, age or ethnic background? Would you like to stretch your hands to your community which needs you most amidst the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you need a healthy boost to your self-confidence, autonomy and gratification?

Your opportunity to achieve all the above is through VOLUNTEERING at GNK Foundation where you can help heal and improve lives of children with cancer and catastrophic blood disorders and all those confined to their homes and in urgent need for medications. At GNK, you can contribute to preventing deaths and disabilities from car accidents that are heavily impacting young Lebanese. You can do much more.

By VOLUNTEERING AT GNK, you are spreading hope, joy and love amongst those many around you and you are instilling a sense of pride within you.

If you are interested, please fill the volunteer application.


Find out more about our volunteers and the roles available at GNK Foundation.

Our Volunteers

​Dr. Adlette Inati Khoriaty

The President

Miss Dina Nasr
Mrs. Najat Al Jamal
Mrs. Sarah Al Siddik
Mr. Sarkis Hbayter
Miss Dalia Sassine
Mr. Mohammad Hamad
Dr. Myriam Al Batal
Mrs. Aya Al Chami
Mrs. Kamleh Ibrahim
Miss Melissa Chalhoub
Miss Melissa Roukoz
Mrs. Maha Ayoubi