Georges Nassim
Khoriaty Foundation

Word from the president

He loved life and aspired to make the world around him a better place for all. But his life and dreams were ended in few minutes by a reckless driver at the age of just sixteen.
This is the story of Georges, my youngest son. His sudden loss was a turning point in my life and the life of my family. But thanks to our innate belief in the need to divert sadness into humanitarian actions and to the culture of resilience instilled in us since childhood, we opted as a family to channel Georges tragic loss and our deep rooted pain into hope and life for others through an initiative that will save the lives of Lebanese children and youth and carry on Georges legacy.


Georges Nassim Khoriaty (GNK) Foundation was established in 2006 under the umbrella of its two main missions:
1. Promoting free health care delivery and awareness about inherited blood disorders and childhood cancer in Lebanon
2. Enhancing road safety ethics and rules amongst Lebanese children and adolescents

GNK Foundation achievements in health

Started in year 2006 and were the outcome of a sacred humanitarian mission that will never digress from its charitable and benevolent nature. The HEALTH SECTION at GNK Foundation has two main divisions: the CHILDHOOD CANCER and INHERITED BLOOD DISEASES PROGRAM and the GNK DISPENSARY. Both divisions have been rapidly expanding and have succeeded in delivering state of the art medical care to a large sector of the Lebanese and more recently the Syrian refugees and in initiating nationwide awareness about inherited blood diseases. The Multidisciplinary Health Team at GNK Foundation offers free comprehensive care 1,000 children with CHILDHOOD CANCER and INHERITED BLOOD DISEASES at Nini Hospital and to 10.500 people of all ages at GNK DISPENSARY.


Amongst inherited blood diseases, SICKLE CELL DISEASE stands as one of the most prevalent and under recognised diseases in Lebanon. GNK foundation is committed to offering free comprehensive care to those affected by this devastating disease, improving their lives and providing psycho-social support to them and to their families.


In October 2016 and in line with our mission to bring forth a fundamental change in ROAD SAFETY AWARENESS and after 4 years of intensive efforts by road safety specialists and educators, we inaugurated GNK TRAFFIC ACADEMY. This unique state of the art facility instils the rules and ethics of road safety in children aged 3-18 years through an ISO certified, integrated and interactive E-learning and simulator based curriculum. We have so far spread this awareness amongst 9300 students from public and private Lebanese schools.


We are proud of what we have achieved so far but we do realise that our mission is a long term and difficult one which entails a lot of perseverance and dedication. Thanks to the limitless contribution of GNK Foundation Board of Trustees, Executive Committee members, compassionate donors, colleagues, friends, volunteers and staff, we shall undoubtedly attain our goals ‚Äčof nurturing a more attentive and mindful Lebanese generation regarding health and traffic issues.


We call upon the national, regional and global community to support GNK Foundation humanitarian projects in HEALTH and ROAD SAFETY. We cherish your generosity and believe that together we can minimise and hopefully stop the tragedy of young Lebanese deaths, put an end to the suffering of parents deprived of their children at a young age and transform our world to a safer and a healthier place to live in.

Adlette Inati Khoriaty, MD